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Image Retouching on our Group Photographs

We know that its not always possible to have the perfect background in our groups and so we offer a retouching service for photographers who do not have the time to undertake their own editing.

Images are supplied via Dropbox as uncropped PSD Photoshop files. Although we do try and turn images around within 72 hours, please understand that this may be longer during our busy periods.

Please be aware that this service is only available on group photos that we have taken, it is not available on other photographers images.

Please email or telephone us on 01553 672855 for further information.

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Image Editing

Photo Retouching

The above image has had the basketball board, clock, nets, pipes on the wall, fire alarm and door on side wall removed, as well as all the marks on the back wall. The cost of this work was £95

Photo Retouching

The lack of space available to set up staging meant that this primary school photo had to be taken in two halves, so we took two images, the top and bottom of the completed image. The editing cost £175, which meant the total cost of the shoot was the same as if the photographer had hired nine bays of staging

The images below have had Big Ben, and Houses of Parliament replaced so all the building work is no longer visible. This work cost £140

Photoshopping Images

Photo Editing

Please email or telephone us on 01553 672855 for further information.


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